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Ask them to OPPOSE the Walz Green New Deal provisions found in the House version of the energy bill.

Contact the Energy Conference Committee

The fate of Tim Walz’s Green New Deal legislation is being decided right now! 

In the final days of the Minnesota legislative session, a conference committee of five Senators and five House members is negotiating whether to accept Green New Deal provisions in the final version of the Energy Finance and Policy bill. 

Dear Members of the Commerce and Energy Conference Committee:
I am writing today to ask you to oppose the House energy provisions in the Omnibus Commerce Policy and Finance bill. Please don’t allow Governor Walz’s Green New Deal to be imposed on Minnesota families and businesses through back-room deals in the final days of the legislative session. 

The extreme energy mandates in the House’s 
186-page Green New wish list will harm all Minnesota families and cause electricity prices to skyrocket, make our electric grid less reliable, and force middle-income Minnesotans to subsidize electric vehicles for wealthy liberals.   

The specific policies in this legislation that should be OPPOSED are:

100% Carbon-Free Electricity by 2040: This mandate dovetails with Governor Walz’s announcement that electricity generated in the state come from 
100 percent carbon-free resources by 2040, which will increase costs and make our electric grid more vulnerable to blackouts.

Clean Energy First – Clean Energy First would shut down reliable coal plants before the end of their useful lifetimes and force utilities to build wind, solar and natural gas power plants. This would increase the cost of electricity for the average Xcel Energy customer by $1,400 per year!

The ECO ACT - The ECO Act is bad legislation that 
promotes crony capitalism and forces people to subsidize electric vehicle purchases through higher electric bills.
Electric Vehicle Mandates – Electric vehicle mandates would force Minnesotans to pay increased taxes and electric bills so 
wealthy people can get subsidies for electric vehicles.

Low Carbon Fuel Standard/Future Fuels Act – 
American Experiment has discussed 
how a Low Carbon Fuel Standard would be a massive gas tax increase on Minnesota families because it would force us to adopt California-styled policies that increase the cost of driving.

As a member of the conference committee, it is your job to advocate for ALL Minnesota families. Voting for the Walz administration's Green New Deal is the wrong way to move Minnesota forward.

Please OPPOSE these House provisions in the conference committee and focus on provisions that keep costs down for ALL Minnesota families.

Action Alert: Conference Committee considering Green New Deal